So You've Got A Few Questions?

Great. Mat will do his best to provide thoughtful, well thought out answers. Ha!

Q How do I download the Press pack?

A Click here. Note: you will be taken offsite to Dropbox.

Q I'm a journalist, how do I receive a free review copy?

A Visit the homepage, scroll to "Request A Review / Press Copy" & fill out the form. If you meet the right criteria, a copy of the book will be sent out to you.

Q What's the criterion for receiving a free press review copy?

A If you have a decent sized audience and an outlet to talk about the book than you're eligible to receive a free review copy. It's that simple.

Q Can you guarantee I'll receive the book before a certain date?

A No. Blame Australia Post.

Q What payment methods do you accept?

A Only PayPal. That said, if you see Mat at a bar he'll accept beer.

Q I found parts of MH370, now what?

A I dunno... maybe tell someone?

Q I find this book offensive & would like to complain. How do I do that?

A Sure. Simply click this link to send us an email.

Q Can I purchase "Where's MH370?" in any book stores?

A The fuck is a book store?

Q Do you think this book will help with the global search for MH370?

A I mean, it can't not help, right?

Q Why is shipping to my country so expensive?

A Because Australia is a fucking island in the middle of nowhere.

Q I purchased more than 1 copy but have only received 1 package. What gives?

A If you're based within Australia we post each book separately as it works out cheaper for you. Weird, right?

Q Can I get a discount code?

A Sure, here's how you can obtain a discount code:

1. Make sure you're connected to the internet.
2. Open your browser to this webpage.
3. Go to the top right corner of your screen and click the red "X".
4. Disconnect your PC and place it under the rear, right wheel of your vehicle.
5. Back over it.

Q Why is the book so expensive?Seriously?!

A It's not.

Q How do I get in contact with you?