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Be the first person to find MH370 wreckage in this horrible fun illustrated activity book.


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The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 baffled the entire world, until now. In this search & find activity book, you can help find the debris of MH370, such as the landing gear, black box or passenger luggage. There are 12 full colour, detailed hand drawn illustrations for you to search through, see what you can find (maybe it's in North Korea?).

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Detailed & Complex Illustrations

Are you looking to spend hours of your time searching for cartoon plane debris? Of course you are. We've worked hard to ensure you're wasting away all of your time whilst searching through our intricate scenes.

Special price of $15 until the plane is found!

What Will You Find?

What's easier to find than MH370? Mythical creatures, Jesus (ok, those two are the same), celebrities, politicians, sports people & more; they all make appearances in the book.

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Born In Australia

During the original MH370 hunt, Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott took charge of the search effort. Now, following in his footsteps, another concerned Australian is reigniting the hunt for the missing airplane with some better ideas as to where the aircraft could be.

12 Glorious Scenes

Where's MH370? contains 12 different locations of where we think the plane could have ended up. We have the tame theories (such as the plane being at the bottom of the ocean) to some that are a little more farfetched (perhaps Russia playing a part — hey, they did in Ukraine).

Good books are hard to find... they're like planes in that way.

A Global Issue

We're keen to get everyone looking for MH370 the world over, so we ship to any country. We offer no refund if the plane carrying your shipment goes missing, just a strong sense of shared irony.

Cheaper Than A Boat

You could potentially solve the MH370 mystery for only $15 bucks. The real search effort has cost in excess of $70,000,000 so far, so it's a no-brainer - make the financially responsible decision and buy this book!

How Long Since MH370 Went Missing?









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Yo, I'm Mat

About the Author

Where's MH370? was created by Mathew Carpenter over the course of 8 months, and is finally ready to be officially launched. It is an attempt at creating a book that both informs and entertains readers, helps out the authorities by encouraging a crowdsourced search in locations that many would not suspect the plane to be and also opens up a discussion about the possible resting place of MH370. With scene locations, Mat hasn't ruled anything out.

For example, two of the locations are North Korea and Hell (or was that one location). Mat created this book because he wants answers as to why we haven't considered some of these highly potential places as part of the official search. Mat enjoyed every second of creating this book and is fully aware that if a God does exist, he's got a one way ticket to hell. What do you think of "Where's MH370"? Let Mat know by getting in touch using one of the following links:

Mat CarpenterCreator, Evil Genius / Australian

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